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Contempt Lawyers In Birmingham, AL

If you live in Alabama and do not comply with the terms you were issued as a result of a divorce decree, you could find yourself charged with something known as “contempt of court”. These cases are rather common, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. One of the most common issues that will land you with contempt of court charges is the failure to pay the child support you were ordered to pay by the court. Other potential violations include failing to pay the ordered spousal support and failing to honor a visitation schedule that has been mandated by the court.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting your former partner to comply with the terms of your divorce decree, or even if you are the one facing contempt charges, you need the help of a skilled and experienced attorney in Alabama. The Bloomston Firm has the knowledgeable attorneys you need in order to obtain a favorable outcome.

What happens if I am found to be guilty of contempt?

Should you find yourself guilty of contempt, you will be informed of the charges and issued a court hearing date. If you do not attend this court date, a warrant for your arrest could be issued. And if you are ultimately found guilty of failing to comply with the court orders in question, you could be heavily fined or even imprisoned. With that said, the court will first attempt to force you to be compliant with the issued terms. You might even be required to pay for the legal fees incurred by your former partner.

There are three things that must be proven in order for you to be found guilty. You must have known about the divorce decree and the terms therein, you must have violated those terms willfully and of your own volition, and you must have no legal basis for violating the decree. If all three of these can be proven, then you might be found guilty.


In the state of Alabama, filing for contempt charges that are related to divorces is known as a Petition for Rule NISI. Because this is a separate legal action from the divorce, a filing fee must be paid.

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