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Designer Drugs in Alabama Nightclubs

Use of Ecstasy and other designer drugs is a common fixture of many young people’s party lifestyle. While these drugs may not have the same stigma or physical impact as more serious narcotics, therefore seeming more innocent, the law punishes their consumption and distribution just as harshly.

Even a first offense possession charge could result in significant prison sentences and fines. Immediately following charges, it is important that you contact skilled representation to begin building a defense against these charges. The prosecution takes these charges seriously, and you should too.

Birmingham Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

Attorney Brett Bloomston has built a reputation for success in drug-related defense and is equipped to handle the charges brought against you. This can include:

  • Possession or possession with intent to distribute of Ecstasy or other designer substances
  • Manufacturing or trafficking of Ecstasy or other designer substances
  • Illegal prescription drugs abuse

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“We will either find a way or make one.”

The drug Molly, a derivative of Ecstasy, has seen an increasing usage in Alabama. With a rise in popularity of designer drugs in Alabama nightclubs, concerts and festivals, law enforcement is stepping up its efforts to prosecute the manufacturing and distribution of this drug. The team at The Bloomston Firm is prepared to handle these charges, fighting to have the charges reduced or thrown out.

To arrange a free initial consultation with a skilled drug defense attorney, call The Bloomston Firm today at 205-212-9700.


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