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Birmingham Fraud Defense Attorneys

Fraud cases of any kind are almost always complex. Without the representation of a knowledgeable fraud defense attorney, you risk facing significant charges from the prosecution without any means of defending yourself.

Birmingham Fraud Defense Lawyers — Defending Your Rights in Complex Fraud Matters

Attorney Brett Bloomston is skilled in this area, highly skilled in untangling and understanding the detailed circumstances at play. They proactively find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Should an advantageous deal become available, they will advise you in whether to take it.

If the case goes to trial, however, you can be assured that their detailed and thorough preparation of your defense will staunchly defend your rights.

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“We will either find a way or make one.”

We handle all manner of fraud, including but not limited to:

  • Internet fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity fraud
  • Welfare and Medicaid fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Unemployment fraud

Depending on the manner in which the fraud occurred, including what form of technology was involved, the charges may be automatically escalated to federal charges. Attorney Brett Bloomston is equipped to handle this level of criminal matter, understanding the complexities at play.

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To arrange a consultation to discuss the fraud charges you are facing or you suspect will be brought against you, Call at 205-212-9700.


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