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Alabama Expungement Lawyers

Are You Eligible To Expunge Your Alabama Criminal Charges?

The Alabama Expungement Law went into effect on July 1, 2014. It allows persons who have had certain misdemeanors or non-violent felonies dismissed to have their records expunged by entering a Petition of Expungement. If you meet the any of the following criteria, you may Petition for Expungement:

A person who was charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense, a traffic or municipal violation, or a non-violent felony offense AND:

  • Whose charge has been dismissed with prejudice;
  • Whose charge has been no billed by a grand jury;
  • Who received a verdict of not guilty, whether by the judge or by a jury;
  • Whose charge was dismissed without prejudice more than 2 years ago (if charge was a misdemeanor) or 5 years ago (if charge was a non-violent felony) who has not been convicted of any other felony, misdemeanor, or traffic violation during previous 2 years (if charge was a misdemeanor) or 5 years (if charge was a non-violent felony);
  • Who successfully completed a pretrial or judicial diversion program after 1 year of successful completion; and
  • Ninety (90) days from date of dismissal with prejudice, no bill, acquittal or nol prossed and charge has not been refiled (if charge was a non-violent felony)

Benefits Of Expungement:

Persons who have expunged records do not have to disclose the underlying record or charges for purposes of employment, credit or any other type of application with the exception of government, regulatory or licensing agency, bank or any financial institution. Expungement shall include the destruction of the individual’s arrest records, booking photos, date of birth, social security number, address, and any other vital identifiers.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if the court grants your petition for expungement, you must take further action in order to regain citizenship rights or voting rights that you lost because of the conviction.

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