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Five Common Divorce Mistakes in Alabama

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience even before you take the legal process itself into account. Unfortunately, the reality is that whether you are ready for it or not, your divorce will proceed as planned. The best option at your disposal is to reach out to an experienced attorney who understands how divorce works in Alabama. They can help you avoid these five common divorceContinue reading

Common Law Marriage

Common-law marriage is no longer recognized in Alabama. This went into effect on January 1st, 2017, which means that individuals who consider themselves to be married must follow through with an official ceremony or obtain the proper certificate to ensure their marriage will be recognized. One of the main issues with common-law marriages was that the parties involved often lived their lives together and co-mingledContinue reading

What is Parental Alienation?

When the relationship between two parents turns sour, children are often the individuals who suffer the most. This is as true when it comes to parental alienation as it is any other situation. Children benefit most from having two active and involved parents in their lives. When one parent seeks to eliminate the other from their child’s life, it can have negative effects that lastContinue reading

Divorce Spikes After the Holidays

Did you know that the number of divorces tends to spike after the holidays? It’s true! A variety of research has concluded that the holiday season seems to serve as a catalyst of some sort for divorce requests.  In fact, in 2016 a study conducted by the University of Washington found that the above-average divorce filings in March has their origins in the holiday season.Continue reading

Increased chances of motor vehicle accidents during the holidays

As many people know, Thanksgiving is a very heavily traveled holiday, as is Black Friday. However, more cars on the roads also means that there is an increased chance of drivers being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Several agencies, including the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, have asked families planning on traveling this holiday season to keep several things in mind in hopes of preventing accidents when possible.Continue reading

Fighting back against charges of embezzlement

Alabama readers know that criminal charges can change your life. If convicted, you could face time behind bars, steep penalties and other adverse effects on your future. If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, you would be wise to take your situation seriously, especially if you are facing white collar crime charges. White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, are serious charges that carryContinue reading

Family law options for potential parents

As many may know, November is National Adoption Awareness Month. There are a number of families across the country, including Alabama, that have adopted or are considering adopting a child. Many of these parents, or prospective parents, are only aware of a few of the options available to them through family law. Embryo adoption may be a viable choice for some families. This option mayContinue reading

Motor vehicle accident results in two deaths and three injuries

Car accidents occur daily across the nation. Some are caused by drivers whose judgment is impaired in some way, and others may be caused by freak accidents. However, there are many others that are caused by a driver’s failure to follow simple traffic laws. Failing to follow these laws can cause result in deadly motor vehicle accidents. This was the case in Alabama on Oct. 29. AuthoritiesContinue reading

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