Avoid financial mistakes in a divorce

Wedded couples make financial decisions together throughout the course of their marriages. However, when a marriage in Alabama or anywhere else in the country ends, there are still many financial decisions that have to be made. Financial planners strongly believe that couples need to fully comprehend how the decisions they make during divorce proceedings will affect them in the future. They warn against making severalContinue reading

Fraud charges are serious; you need a serious defense plan

If you face criminal charges of any kind in Alabama, you would greatly benefit from taking your situation seriously, especially if you are facing charges related to white-collar crime. A conviction could result in serious penalties that could change the course and direction of your life. Fraud is a term that includes various types of money-related charges, and it is one of the most commonContinue reading

Several motorvehicle accidents occurred simultaneously in Alabama

A particular roadway in Alabama was the scene of a terrible multi-vehicle collision on a recent Friday evening. The string of motor vehicle accidents occurred within moments of each other, apparently stemming from an initial collision. Passing motorists were looking at the collision, leading to several additional back-to-back accidents at the site. Sadly, there was one fatality and several others injured in the incidents. Three separateContinue reading

When a traffic stop leads to criminal defense considerations

All Alabama motorists are obviously obligated to adhere to traffic regulations each time they get behind the wheel. If a police officer makes a traffic stop for a particular reason, the rest of a driver’s day (or life) may unfold entirely different from what was planned. Such was the recently case for three travelers who were riding together in a vehicle and wound up consideringContinue reading

Divorce is seldom easy, but these things make it worse

Somewhere in Alabama, there’s a married couple contemplating a marital breakdown. In fact, there are likely far more than one set of spouses actually considering filing for divorce. Most will face several types of challenges if they go through with their plans, especially if there are children involved. Children often get dragged into one or the other parent’s emotional roller coaster during the divorce process.Continue reading