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Alabama criminal defense: 1 man, 3 women arrested on drug charges

Alabama police officers recently arrested four people after drugs were allegedly found at a motel room in Decatur. They now face various charges related to the incident. However, one man involved potentially made his criminal defense case more difficult by reportedly fleeing from the police when approached. According to reports from the Decatur Police Department, a 51-year-old man had been investigated by the Vice andContinue reading

When a traffic stop leads to criminal defense considerations

All Alabama motorists are obviously obligated to adhere to traffic regulations each time they get behind the wheel. If a police officer makes a traffic stop for a particular reason, the rest of a driver’s day (or life) may unfold entirely different from what was planned. Such was the recently case for three travelers who were riding together in a vehicle and wound up consideringContinue reading

Will men charged in drug bust hire criminal defense help?

A major drug investigation led to the recent arrests of several people in Alabama. It is not known whether those charged with drug crimes have secured criminal defense representation, although most people named as defendants in such circumstances typically do reach out for legal support. Events leading up to the six arrests spanned the course of several days and multiple locations. Authorities say they foundContinue reading

Criminal defense: Glad it’s available but hope you never need it?

One would be hard pressed to find someone in Alabama who looks forward to legal trouble. In fact, it’s likely safe to assume that needing a criminal defense would rank quite low on an average list of thoughts that typically crosses people’s minds every day. However, somewhere in the state each day, someone unexpectedly face circumstances where legal assistance is needed and many are often gladContinue reading

Criminal defense may prove difficult if you lie to police

A 22-year-old college student is said to have recently attended a music festival in another state. While there, police officers visited his home near the University of Alabama campus. His roommate denied their request to enter; they apparently obtained a search warrant and said they found substantial amounts of drugs and cash in the house. Authorities say he promised them he’d return to turn himselfContinue reading

Wife of mayor chooses not guilty criminal defense option

News regarding local political figures and their families tends to circulate quickly, especially if a particular incident has something to do with legal trouble. The wife of an Alabama mayor understands what it’s like to have your photograph and name published, including details of your personal circumstances. The 51-year-old woman was arrested in January and charged with drunk and reckless driving. In a recent criminalContinue reading

Criminal defense and consent: What’s one to do with the other?

Whether on a dark Alabama road at night or in broad daylight in a crowded parking lot, it is rather unnerving to be pulled over by police. The right to a criminal defense is inherent so anyone who has been detained (and, if a police officer has pulled someone over, that person has indeed been detained) may request legal representation. If police start asking questions or requestContinue reading

Criminal defense may begin when police knock on the door

Many people in Alabama and surrounding regions often wonder what to do if police knock on their doors and ask to come inside and conduct a search. There are laws that govern such matters, and a concerned individual may want to clarify such issues before determining how best to proceed in such circumstances. In fact, one might say that a good criminal defense begins beforeContinue reading

Aggressive criminal defense often equals positive outcome

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Alabama, you may be worried about your reputation. Preserving your good name among family members and co-workers is undoubtedly important to you at this time. One way to increase your chances of minimizing the negative impact of the situation is to retain aggressive criminal defense representation before proceeding to court. Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI,Continue reading

Fight a minor-in-possession charge with these 3 tips

In Alabama, a person must be 21 to be in possession of alcohol. Even though the age of majority is noted as 19 by law, it simply doesn’t apply to minors when alcohol’s concerned. If your child is accused of being in possession of alcohol, you’ll need to decide on a strong defense to prevent him or her from being convicted. Here are three defenseContinue reading