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Modification Lawyers In Birmingham, AL

For the most part, divorce decrees are final and their mandates must be adhered with. Sometimes, however, a significant change in your circumstances could translate into a divorce decree modification. Alabama allows these modifications to occur regardless of whether the original terms were by court order or via mutual agreement. You request that a modification be considered, and once it has been approved, the original decree issued in your divorce will be modified to reflect new terms. Note that a divorce decree can be amended as many times as is deemed necessary by a court – there is no limit.

If you are hoping to modify a divorce decree in Alabama, it is important to secure an experienced attorney. The lawyers at The Bloomston Firm understand how to request a modification as well as how to defend against one. Our practiced attorneys can anticipate the potential issues and pitfalls with the request and adjust their strategy accordingly. With The Bloomston Firm, you are in good hands.

What Merits a Modification?

The majority of divorce modifications are related to raising children. A significant change in the needs of the child in question or the income of the parent in question, for example, can all impact child support payments. Domestic abuse, addiction, and legal issues can result in changes to visitation and custody decrees.

In addition, the regulations to the following could be issued:

  • How much media your child experiences
  • Your (the parent’s) drinking or smoking habit
  • The individuals who are authorized to be around the child, particularly those who are allowed to sleep over

In Alabama, family courts rule on petitions for modifications according to what they believe is in the best interest of the child.

For more information about how to file or fight divorce decree modifications in Alabama – contact the at The Bloomston Firm for help.


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