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Federal Drug Charges

Federal Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Birmingham AL

Federal Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Federal drug cases can be won. No one can doubt the seriousness of federal drug charges. The government has immense resources at its disposal and does not hesitate to use them. But federal criminal charges can be beaten. The Bloomston Firm has achieved successful outcomes in several cases involving high-level federal drug crimes.

The attorneys at our firm are skilled trial lawyers, with extensive experience defending clients accused of federal drug crimes. Clients turn to them for defense against federal crimes of all types, and in particular, federal drug crimes, including:

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Defense of Federal Drug Cases

In some cases, federal law enforcement authorities develop their own evidence and make the arrest themselves. But in others, federal prosecutors merely “cherry pick” state drug cases if they appear to be serious enough. In these situations, U.S. attorneys do not always know what they are getting when they take over a state drug case. The evidence could be strong — or it could have many weaknesses.

The firm will mount a strong and passionate defense of your rights and your freedom. Your attorney will organize and conduct a comprehensive defense effort for you, analyzing the evidence and the circumstances of the charges against you. If there are weaknesses in the government’s case, such as prosecution conspiracy, your lawyer will find it.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

When the evidence in a case is strong, it can make sense to consider a negotiated plea that provides a lower threshold of punishment. Given the harsh federal sentencing guidelines, however, this is not always easy to obtain. If it appears possible in your case and this option appeals to you, the attorneys will work to achieve the best plea bargain possible.

Both partners understand federal sentencing guidelines and how to negotiate downward departures or a variance from the guidelines with the prosecution. In representing you, the attorneys at The Bloomston Firm will work to obtain the best outcome possible based on the facts of your case.

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Located in Birmingham, The Bloomston Firm represents clients across the state of Alabama. For a consultation with a qualified federal drug crimes defense attorney, call 205.212.9700 or send an e-mail.


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