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Drug Possession & Trafficking

Birmingham Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

State and Federal Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers

Drug possession. Conspiracy. Distribution of controlled substances. If you have been arrested and expect to be charged on federal or state drug offenses, you need experienced drug trafficking defense to protect your rights, and promote the best possible outcome.

The attorneys at the law firm of The Bloomston Firm have deep courtroom and litigation experience, particularly in federal court, against massive drug conspiracy charges. While federal cases are not simple, the skilled litigators at the firm welcome the challenge.

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Attorneys Attorneys at the firm, are skilled litigators, and strive to provide every client with decisive defense against the following drug charges:

Simple possession of marijuana, cocaine or prescription medications without a lawful prescription. The attorneys at the firm are well known advocates in the Birmingham, Alabama, drug courts. They are often able to help clients get into a deferred prosecution program, like many charged with DUI. When the defendant accepts responsibility for the drug offense and completes a drug rehabilitation program successfully, the charges are dismissed, and his or her criminal record remains clean.

Distribution of controlled substances, including crystal meth, pharmaceuticals and OxyContin®. If you are under investigation for this crime, contact the law firm as soon as possible for a confidential consultation. The lawyers at the firm prefer to get involved as early in the case as possible. That way, the case has not gone too far into the court system, and we may be able to move for reduced or dismissed charges. In federal drug cases, the attorneys like to meet with defendants before they are even charged, so that they can protect their rights, and start building a strong case right away.

Possession of a substantial amount, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription drugs. It takes very little OxyContin® in possession, for example, to be charged with trafficking. No matter how serious the charge, you can be assured of aggressive defense and a comprehensive defense strategy. The lawyers at the firm are very skilled at handling these types of cases, all the way from pre-indictment through the trial. We pride ourselves on professionalism and solid results.

“We will either find a way or make one.”

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