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Birmingham Gun Possession Lawyers

While you have certain constitutional rights to keep and bear arms, there are limits to those rights. When you exceed those limits, violating state and federal gun laws, there are stiff consequences. When those violations are combined with other charges, you are facing a grave enhancement of already serious charges.

Birmingham Gun Possession Attorneys

The team of The Bloomston Firm aggressively fights the gun and weapons charges you are facing. Whether you have been found carrying a concealed weapon without the proper license or you are a felon in possession of a firearm, they have the veteran skill needed to navigate the legal system for the best possible outcome.

In Alabama, guns and weapons laws are strictly enforced. The local U.S. Attorneys Office has an established reputation for building formidable cases in matters of felony possession of guns and weapons. Without skilled representation, you risk facing the full brunt of sentencing, including significant jail time.

There is also the possibility that the prosecution will be able to enhance the charges to federal felony, including instances where the firearm has traveled through interstate commerce. These are grave circumstances, and you need the best defense possible on your side, fighting for your rights and helping you to avoid lengthy prison sentences.

Just because you have been charged does not mean that you have been found guilty or sentenced.

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No matter the severity of the charges you face, it is important that you contact veteran representation as soon as possible to begin building an effective defense on your behalf.

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