Alabama divorce: Child custody exchanges not always amicable

Try as they might, some former Alabama couples simply can’t get along to save their lives. In fact, many have said they can barely be in the same room as their former spouses without getting into raging arguments. Sadly, many children witness contentious outbursts between their parents after divorce, especially during custody exchanges. A sheriff’s department in another state has developed a plan it believesContinue reading

Divorce: How crucial is timing?

Many people in Alabama will be among those who decide to end their marriages this year. Some estimates state that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. Whatever the actual numbers might be, one thing is certain: The process is seldom easy. Navigating a divorce is often wrought with challenge as various issues pertaining to property, finances or children arise. However, above and beyondContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents often clouded by unknowns

A high school sports community is grieving a terrible loss after a recent fatal accident in Alabama. The collision involved two tractor-trailers and a sports utility vehicle. There were extenuating circumstances in the collision, as is often the case in serious motor vehicle accidents, that prevented first responders from obtaining a clear vision of the accident scene. When rescuers arrived on-site, they were not immediatelyContinue reading

Criminal defense and consent: What’s one to do with the other?

Whether on a dark Alabama road at night or in broad daylight in a crowded parking lot, it is rather unnerving to be pulled over by police. The right to a criminal defense is inherent so anyone who has been detained (and, if a police officer has pulled someone over, that person has indeed been detained) may request legal representation. If police start asking questions or requestContinue reading