Will men charged in drug bust hire criminal defense help?

A major drug investigation led to the recent arrests of several people in Alabama. It is not known whether those charged with drug crimes have secured criminal defense representation, although most people named as defendants in such circumstances typically do reach out for legal support. Events leading up to the six arrests spanned the course of several days and multiple locations. Authorities say they foundContinue reading

Understanding the circumstances that may lead to a DUI arrest

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by the process. With the potential gravity of a conviction looming overhead, you could be wondering about your available options for defense. The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe, and can have a substantial impact on your life. You may wish to protect yourself against undesirableContinue reading

Criminal defense: Glad it’s available but hope you never need it?

One would be hard pressed to find someone in Alabama who looks forward to legal trouble. In fact, it’s likely safe to assume that needing a criminal defense would rank quite low on an average list of thoughts that typically crosses people’s minds every day. However, somewhere in the state each day, someone unexpectedly face circumstances where legal assistance is needed and many are often gladContinue reading

Turning to a trusted friend may be helpful in divorce

Going through a divorce is no easier for Alabama residents than it is for anyone else throughout the nation. In fact, sometimes, such situations get downright nasty, especially if spouses disagree about important matters, such as child custody, marital property or spousal support. Some say that turning to close friends for support can be very helpful. A  good friend is typically willing to listen ifContinue reading

Can losses be recovered after Alabama motor vehicle accidents?

It’s difficult to tell how long a person’s recovery will take when he or she is injured in a car accident. Many Alabama motor vehicle accidents are fatal, leaving families devastated. Other collisions result in nonfatal injuries, many of which may still be quite severe. Recently, a 66-year-old man was riding a bicycle when a car struck him. The tragedy occurred just after 8 a.m.,Continue reading

Former baseball player’s family law situation just got worse

Major League Baseball fans in Alabama and throughout the nation are likely familiar with Danny Tartabull’s long-standing career with the Yankees. In fact, many may recall that he was the highest paid player in the American League in 1992. At that time, he had signed a 5-year, $27 million contract. These days, Tartabull’s spending his time behind bars, after his recent arrest concerning a contentiousContinue reading