Turning to a trusted friend may be helpful in divorce

Going through a divorce is no easier for Alabama residents than it is for anyone else throughout the nation. In fact, sometimes, such situations get downright nasty, especially if spouses disagree about important matters, such as child custody, marital property or spousal support. Some say that turning to close friends for support can be very helpful.

A  good friend is typically willing to listen if the person going through divorce feels a need to vent. After all, divorce can be highly emotionally charged with day-to-day emotions fluctuating between anger, sorrow, confusion or even eagerness. If a friend says he or she is willing be a shoulder to lean on, it might be a good idea to take advantage of the offer.

Sometimes, the immediate aftermath of divorce includes a time of loneliness, especially if acquaintances stop sending invitations to join them in their outings. This is not uncommon, however, particularly if the group of friends is made up of twosomes that former spouses used to socialize with during marriage. A true friend will continue to include a divorced friend in social events.

There’s another thing a friend can do to help another through the divorce process. He or she can suggest getting in touch with an experienced Alabama attorney to protect one’s interests in court. This is often a better choice over trying to go it alone as it generally increases the chances of obtaining an agreeable outcome. When all is said and done, a good friend can also be on hand to help celebrate the first steps toward a new and happy future.

Source: Huffington Post, “Want to Help Your Friend Going Through a Divorce? Here’s 5 Ways How:“, Ashley Tate Cooper, Aug. 15, 2017