Divorce is seldom easy, but these things make it worse

Somewhere in Alabama, there’s a married couple contemplating a marital breakdown. In fact, there are likely far more than one set of spouses actually considering filing for divorce. Most will face several types of challenges if they go through with their plans, especially if there are children involved.

Children often get dragged into one or the other parent’s emotional roller coaster during the divorce process. If one parent doesn’t want the marriage to end, he or she may use the children to try to get the other parent to stay. Sometimes, one spouse tries to lay a real guilt trip on the other, accusing him or her of abandoning the family or leaving half a family destitute, etc.

If a spouse seems to be handling an impending divorce by flying off the handle and growing angrier as time goes on, it may be a sign of trouble ahead, especially in court. If problems begin to surface regarding child custody or other personal issues, it may be a sign that the other parent will do just about anything to cause stress as a means of revenge.  It’s one thing to deal with a cantankerous parent and quite another when when revenge tactics affect one’s relationship with children or a parent’s rights.

Children definitely fare best when they have a close relationship with both parents following divorce. If a parent is refusing to follow a court order or is using children as a means of exploitation to get back at a spouse, there may be several things that can be done to rectify the situation. An Alabama family law attorney would be able to help a concerned parent determine how best to proceed to solve a particular problem.

Source: chicagonow.com, “Signs of a ‘Rougher than Average’ Divorce“, Ann Cerney, Sept. 5, 2017