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Increased chances of motor vehicle accidents during the holidays

As many people know, Thanksgiving is a very heavily traveled holiday, as is Black Friday. However, more cars on the roads also means that there is an increased chance of drivers being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Several agencies, including the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, have asked families planning on traveling this holiday season to keep several things in mind in hopes of preventing accidents when possible.Continue reading

Motor vehicle accident results in two deaths and three injuries

Car accidents occur daily across the nation. Some are caused by drivers whose judgment is impaired in some way, and others may be caused by freak accidents. However, there are many others that are caused by a driver’s failure to follow simple traffic laws. Failing to follow these laws can cause result in deadly motor vehicle accidents. This was the case in Alabama on Oct. 29. AuthoritiesContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents caused by impaired drivers can be deadly

High-speed chases have been glamorized in movies for years. In movies, even when the car crashes, the passengers will often miraculously make it out alive. Unfortunately, real life victims of motor vehicle accidents are rarely as lucky as the people in movies. One family was forever changed in Oct. 2016 when the car carrying one of their own crashed off U.S. 72 in Alabama. There were two people inContinue reading

Alabama has contributory negligence for motor vehicle accidents

For many Alabama residents, traveling back and forth while going about daily life is an uneventful occurrence. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents occur on a frequent basis, and they can result in both physical injuries and monetary damages. Alabama has laws that regulate how these events are to be handled. If one is involved in a crash, no matter how minor, both motorists should contact theContinue reading

Several motorvehicle accidents occurred simultaneously in Alabama

A particular roadway in Alabama was the scene of a terrible multi-vehicle collision on a recent Friday evening. The string of motor vehicle accidents occurred within moments of each other, apparently stemming from an initial collision. Passing motorists were looking at the collision, leading to several additional back-to-back accidents at the site. Sadly, there was one fatality and several others injured in the incidents. Three separateContinue reading

Can losses be recovered after Alabama motor vehicle accidents?

It’s difficult to tell how long a person’s recovery will take when he or she is injured in a car accident. Many Alabama motor vehicle accidents are fatal, leaving families devastated. Other collisions result in nonfatal injuries, many of which may still be quite severe. Recently, a 66-year-old man was riding a bicycle when a car struck him. The tragedy occurred just after 8 a.m.,Continue reading

Who pays for motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence?

If another vehicle smashes into yours while you’re traveling through Alabama, who is responsible for damages? The answer depends on several factors, including whether evidence exists to prove another party’s negligence caused the accident to occur. If so, then you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court to seek compensation for any physical, economic or emotional damage you haveContinue reading

Addressing injury needs following Alabama motor vehicle accidents

When one gets behind the wheel of a car on an Alabama roadway, one obviously hopes to reach the planned destination safely. Most drivers are aware there’s always a risk for motor vehicle accidents to occur. However, many are completely clueless where to turn for help if they become victims of a collision. Distracted drivers are menaces to state roadways. From those who refuse toContinue reading

Causes of Alabama motor vehicle accidents not always apparent

No one wants to receive a phone call telling of a loved one’s sudden and unexpected death. The sad fact is, many Alabama residents will answer phone calls like this due to serious motor vehicle accidents involving their family members. Life as they knew it will never be the same as they navigate the devastating aftermaths of the collisions. A recent tragedy occurred on aContinue reading

Options for those injured in motor vehicle accidents

One can only imagine how many times a day, somewhere in the nation, two cars crash into each other on the highway. It’s a fact that it happens all too often in Alabama. Sometimes, those involved escape unscathed. In many motor vehicle accidents, however, drivers and passengers in two (or more) vehicles are injured. Crashes involving children are especially tragic. An incident occurred close toContinue reading