Increased chances of motor vehicle accidents during the holidays

As many people know, Thanksgiving is a very heavily traveled holiday, as is Black Friday. However, more cars on the roads also means that there is an increased chance of drivers being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Several agencies, including the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, have asked families planning on traveling this holiday season to keep several things in mind in hopes of preventing accidents when possible.

Many accidents are caused by speeding. Planning out the trip in advance can sometimes help to prevent this. By taking travel times and possible traffic into account, drivers can make sure to leave for their destination with ample time to spare.

There may also be significant traffic on Black Friday caused by individuals attempting to take part in the biggest sales. Many of these people may be traveling in unfamiliar areas in order to find a specific store. Once again, planning can help to prevent accidents. Authorities are encouraging drivers to pay close attention to the other vehicles and pedestrians surrounding them, and also to lock their cars while shopping.

Motor vehicle accidents are always a risk for drivers, but heavily traveled holidays increase this risk. Many states, including Alabama, have taken precautions, scheduled more patrols and are planning to have more officers posted in high-traffic areas. Some agencies are planning to increase their patrols as early as Wednesday. However, drivers may be able to help stop crashes before they occur by slowing down and paying close attention to their surroundings. Drivers or their families who have been involved in an accident that resulted in injury, property damage or even death may wish to contact an attorney about possible compensation.

Source:, “Holiday season means crowded roadways, greater chance for accidents“, Michele Watson, Nov. 18, 2017