Will dating during Alabama divorce proceedings affect outcome?

Not every Alabama marriage lasts a lifetime. In fact, spouses often file for divorce for a wide variety of reasons. Some say their partners no longer listen to them. Others say they have simply grown apart. Then, there are those who claim their spouses have been unfaithful. Regardless of particular events that may lead to divorce, the whole process can be quite stressful as eachContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents often occur in wee hours of the morning

Many teenagers remain out, driving around on Alabama roadways long after the stroke of midnight. These wee morning hours are prime times for motor vehicle accidents. Often, though not always, such collisions are alcohol-related. One incident (that remains under investigation) occurred on a recent Monday at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Hale County 51. An 18-year-old was said to be behind the wheel of a carContinue reading

Aftermath stress common in Alabama motor vehicle accidents

If you recently survived a collision on one of Alabama’s busy roadways, you’ve probably relived the incident 1,000 times in your mind. In fact, many victims of serious motor vehicle accidents suffer post traumatic stress symptoms that necessitate special counseling in order to recover. Add to that medical bills that are piling up and various complications that may have arisen by having to take timeContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries

Most Alabama parents understand how dangerous driving can be. Even so, none are ever quite prepared to receive phone calls informing them their children have been injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. A mother in another state recently shared her personal journey as she helps her teenage son recover from a traumatic brain injury. The boy was traveling in a vehicle with his sister whenContinue reading

Following the money: Embezzlement in a small business

Working in a small business in Alabama has its perks. Usually there is a family atmosphere, and everyone knows each other. There may be more flexibility in the schedule, and small business owners often respect holidays more than in bigger corporations. Because of the limited staff, your boss may give you responsibilities that come with a great deal of trust. Recently, however, you may beContinue reading

Is your spouse using Bitcoin to hide assets in divorce?

Many Alabama marriages end in court when couples determine (for any number of reasons) they no longer wish to be united. Whether the divorce process is relatively simple and benign or fraught with stress and complication depends on many factors, including how willing each spouse is to compromise and cooperate in forging an agreeable settlement. If someone refuses to play by the rules and startsContinue reading