Recovering losses after Alabama motor vehicle accidents

Alabama roadways are no different than other roads in the nation in that they are sometimes highly dangerous places. The types of things that place travelers at risk vary. Sometimes, inclement weather and/or road conditions play a part. Other times, motor vehicle accidents occur because motorists have been negligent. Even if you’re alert and cautious behind the wheel, and do your best to adhere toContinue reading

Arrested for driving under the influence? Breathe and fight back

Being pulled over and seeing those red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror can naturally be intimidating. If police believe that you have been driving under the influence, however, this can be an even more frightening scenario. In Alabama, like in every other state, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime. Fortunately, though, even if you are arrestedContinue reading

What can be done when divorce seems so unfair?

Just as no two wedding days in Alabama are exactly alike, the same goes for the process of getting a divorce. It’s an intensely personal issue, which always has consequences, some more negative than others. One common thread in many divorce proceedings is a sense that the situation seems so unfair. These feelings may stem from emotional issues or more tangible matters, such as childContinue reading

Couple says family law process in United States is prejudiced

Many married couples in Alabama can relate to others who, for whatever reasons, are unable to conceive children. Some have no trouble conceiving, but consistently lose their pregnancies through miscarriage. This has prompted many spouses to enter the child adoption process. A couple in another state was thinking along these lines, but their hopes and dreams were abruptly halted when, as they tell it, theyContinue reading

Woman starts company to help others navigate divorce

Marriage isn’t always easy; in fact, some problems seem insurmountable, prompting spouses to sever their ties. Some say fewer people in Alabama and throughout the nation are filing for divorce these days. Nevertheless, many people who do choose this route as the most viable option often find themselves facing several challenges as they adapt to new lifestyles. One woman who has been divorced more than onceContinue reading