A study guide for your BAC test

You swear you only had a couple of drinks and that your blood alcohol content was nowhere near the legal limit of .08 percent when police pulled you over and administered roadside sobriety tests. While this may be true, in Alabama, you could still face serious penalties if police determine that you were unfit to drive, even if your BAC was well below the limit.Continue reading

Criminal defense may begin when police knock on the door

Many people in Alabama and surrounding regions often wonder what to do if police knock on their doors and ask to come inside and conduct a search. There are laws that govern such matters, and a concerned individual may want to clarify such issues before determining how best to proceed in such circumstances. In fact, one might say that a good criminal defense begins beforeContinue reading

Drunk driver suspected in five motor vehicle accidents

Many families in Alabama and throughout the United States have suffered devastating losses in car crashes caused by drunk drivers. People who drive with blood alcohol content levels exceeding legal limits are often menaces to themselves and all others on the road. Five motor vehicle accidents occurred back-to-back recently, all suspected to have been caused by the same woman. It was just after 5:30 p.m. onContinue reading

Divorce may be on horizon for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Some months ago, fans in Alabama and across the nation expressed their support for Hollywood star, Kim Kardashian, after learning she was robbed in her hotel room. Kardashian was rescued (although she suffered the loss of some expensive jewels) but reportedly told sources close to her that her husband, Kanye West, did not offer the support she needed as she recovered from her traumatic experience.Continue reading

Motor vehicle accidents on the rise in Alabama

A 17-day traffic safety program was launched by Alabama law enforcement to promote safe driving during the holidays. This did not prevent all motor vehicle accidents, however. In fact, there were 31 accident-related deaths in the state between Dec. 16 and New Year’s Day at midnight. These statistics only cover accidents handled by state troopers and do not include those investigated by other agencies. OfficialsContinue reading