Criminal defense may prove difficult if you lie to police

A 22-year-old college student is said to have recently attended a music festival in another state. While there, police officers visited his home near the University of Alabama campus. His roommate denied their request to enter; they apparently obtained a search warrant and said they found substantial amounts of drugs and cash in the house. Authorities say he promised them he’d return to turn himselfContinue reading

Jesse Jackson Jr. agrees to pay more in family law situation

When child support disagreements arise between divorced parents in Alabama, tempers may flare and acrimonious battles ensue before such problems are resolved. It often takes extensive and aggressive litigation before fair and agreeable solutions can be found. Such is the case for Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his former wife, Sandi, who have been fighting over financial provisions for their children for some time now. TheContinue reading

Wife of mayor chooses not guilty criminal defense option

News regarding local political figures and their families tends to circulate quickly, especially if a particular incident has something to do with legal trouble. The wife of an Alabama mayor understands what it’s like to have your photograph and name published, including details of your personal circumstances. The 51-year-old woman was arrested in January and charged with drunk and reckless driving. In a recent criminalContinue reading

Who pays for motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence?

If another vehicle smashes into yours while you’re traveling through Alabama, who is responsible for damages? The answer depends on several factors, including whether evidence exists to prove another party’s negligence caused the accident to occur. If so, then you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court to seek compensation for any physical, economic or emotional damage you haveContinue reading