Jesse Jackson Jr. agrees to pay more in family law situation

When child support disagreements arise between divorced parents in Alabama, tempers may flare and acrimonious battles ensue before such problems are resolved. It often takes extensive and aggressive litigation before fair and agreeable solutions can be found. Such is the case for Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his former wife, Sandi, who have been fighting over financial provisions for their children for some time now.

The Jackson situation is rather complicated because it involves courts in two different states. In essence, the former congressman asked that his child support payments be lowered, and the court in Washington D.C. granted his request. Following that decision, the attorney of Jackson’s former wife launched a character assault against him, saying that the fact that he requested lower child support payments shows his children are not his highest priority.

Jackson has since volunteered to pay more child support. One of his attorneys said he had merely requested lower payments to help meet expenses related to the ongoing court battle with his former wife. His children currently live with their mother in Washington D.C., which is where Sandi Jackson wants the case to be resolved; Jackson himself, however, wants the court in Chicago to hear the case because that is where the alleged incidents occurred that led to divorce in the first place.

There are many Alabama parents who know what it’s like to go toe-to-toe in contentious family law battles to protect their rights and the best interests of their children. Many times, the best outcomes are achieved through aggressive representation in court. Anyone currently seeking assistance to resolve a child-related matter in divorce can reach out to an experienced family law attorney for support.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “After child-support battle, Jackson Jr. now says he’ll pay more“, Tina Sfondeles, Accessed on June 22, 2017