Former baseball player’s family law situation just got worse

Major League Baseball fans in Alabama and throughout the nation are likely familiar with Danny Tartabull’s long-standing career with the Yankees. In fact, many may recall that he was the highest paid player in the American League in 1992. At that time, he had signed a 5-year, $27 million contract. These days, Tartabull’s spending his time behind bars, after his recent arrest concerning a contentious family law situation.

Tartabull is said to owe at least $275,000 in unpaid child support. He was convicted of child support violations in 2011, but apparently never turned himself in as expected. Recently, he called police to report that someone had allegedly broken into his vehicle.

When police showed up to check things out, they ran his name through their system and learned that there was an active warrant for his arrest. Tartabull’s attorney said he’s aggressively working to obtain his client’s release from jail and to resolve the child support matter at hand. He also mentioned that the former MLB star has a good relationship with both his adult children.

Family law situations like this one often evoke strong emotions on both sides. On one hand, an Alabama parent who claims to be owed child support may be angry and resentful toward the other parent. At the same time, if a parent believes he or she is not in violation of an existing child support order, it’s likely that options to rectify the situation in court would be pursued. In Tartabull’s case, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold from here.

Source:, “Danny Tartabull Locked Up On Deadbeat Dad Charges“, July 26, 2017