New style of post-divorce parenting catching on

Many Alabama residents will be among those throughout the nation who decide to end their marriages this year. Divorce is seldom without its challenges, even if communication between former spouses remains amicable through the process. If children are involved, emotions are usually intensified, and parents generally want to try to cooperate to preserve their best interests. Based on the idea that less disruption is betterContinue reading

Woman says her almost-ex spouse died before divorce was final

Some readers in Alabama may relate to the circumstances of a woman in another state. She was in the midst of divorce proceedings when her husband unexpectedly passed away. The 27-year-old said she wasn’t sure what to do or even how to feel as a woman who wanted to be divorced but instead became a widow. The woman said she attended the funeral. She indicated that someContinue reading

Larry Herbert’s wife was shocked he filed for divorce

Creator of color communications system, Pantone, Larry Herbert is in the news for something quite other than his color systems products. It appears he has filed for divorce from his wife of several decades. Sources say she is shocked and greatly saddened by the news. Some couples in Alabama may be navigating similar circumstances. As for Herbert’s millions, his money is said to be secureContinue reading

Addressing injury needs following Alabama motor vehicle accidents

When one gets behind the wheel of a car on an Alabama roadway, one obviously hopes to reach the planned destination safely. Most drivers are aware there’s always a risk for motor vehicle accidents to occur. However, many are completely clueless where to turn for help if they become victims of a collision. Distracted drivers are menaces to state roadways. From those who refuse toContinue reading

Tips for Alabama parents who divorce

Very few Alabama residents who sever their marital ties plan on attending regular outings with their former spouses. In another state, however, the law actually requires parents of minor children who divorce to take a parenting class together. For those who still get along fairly well with the other parent, this should pose no problem. However, what about those who can barely stand to beContinue reading