Woman says her almost-ex spouse died before divorce was final

Some readers in Alabama may relate to the circumstances of a woman in another state. She was in the midst of divorce proceedings when her husband unexpectedly passed away. The 27-year-old said she wasn’t sure what to do or even how to feel as a woman who wanted to be divorced but instead became a widow.

The woman said she attended the funeral. She indicated that some people there would not associate with her due to rumors her deceased husband supposedly spread about her after they separated. Another widow, age 56, said she wasn’t sure how to grieve when the man she had separated from suffered an untimely death.

When children are involved, the focus is typically on them, supporting them as best as one can when unexpected deaths occur. Even when those who are in the process of divorce are already involved in other romantic relationships, some attend memorial services and funerals to support their children and their spouse’s parents. Situations like this can be quite complicated, sometimes bringing people together, other times pushing them further apart.

It’s easy to understand how many questions may arise regarding halted divorce proceedings, especially if issues like child support or alimony were main components of the settlement discussions. Alabama residents facing such circumstances may want to check if there are support groups in their area that address their particular situations. An experienced family law attorney can be of assistance from the legal standpoint of the matter, particularly in view of pending litigation and estate administration issues to confront.

Source: The Washington Post, “What happens when a spouse dies in the middle of a divorce?“, Robin Eileen Bernstein, May 23, 2017