Larry Herbert’s wife was shocked he filed for divorce

Creator of color communications system, Pantone, Larry Herbert is in the news for something quite other than his color systems products. It appears he has filed for divorce from his wife of several decades. Sources say she is shocked and greatly saddened by the news. Some couples in Alabama may be navigating similar circumstances.

As for Herbert’s millions, his money is said to be secure in a prenuptial agreement. The 88-year-old was married to the same woman for 30 years. Some say he seems to be going through some type of “late-life crisis,” and his filing for divorce might have something to do with that. Regardless of personal issues, there are options available for anyone in Alabama facing this type of situation.

In 2007, Herbert sold his company for approximately $180 million. Before their marital split, the couple were regulars on the socialite scene, including various establishments in Florida and New York. Since then, Herbert’s soon-to-be former wife told reporters the millionaire is being very generous in their settlement. She also said she would not comment on the exact reasons for the divorce.

Divorce is never the same twice. The issues of most importance for one set of spouses may be very different from another. In Herbert’s situation, it all sounds like it’ll work out fine although one can never be sure. In high asset circumstances, a person does well to secure experienced legal representation rather than try to go it alone in court. An experienced attorney can aggressively litigate any issue as necessary, and can protect a client’s rights and make every effort to arrange a fair and favorable settlement.

Source:, “Pantone creator Larry Herbert to divorce wife of 30 years“, Emily Smith, May 18, 2017