Larceny charges in Alabama require criminal defense

When crimes spill over from one state to another, law enforcement agencies may work together to investigate. Those who are accused of committing a crime in Alabama may be arrested in Mississippi and held until they are extradited back to Alabama. When this happens, having an experienced criminal defense attorney is recommended. Recently, police in Alabama and Mississippi worked together to investigate a ring ofContinue reading

What does it take to be convicted of drunken driving in Alabama?

Last time, we began looking at DUI charges in Alabama and what is required for a defendant to be convicted in Alabama. As we noted last time, prosecutors attempt to prove drunk driving differently depending on the type of evidence they have available. In cases where there is evidence that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal limit, charges will be proven differently thanContinue reading

When accusations of rape are at issue in child custody proceedings, P.2

We previously began looking at child custody disputes where there are allegations of rape. In states which allow for the termination of parental rights in such circumstances, one of the first orders of business is paternity. If paternity can be confirmed, it is then a question of whether there is any evidence of rape. As we noted last time, there is no law in AlabamaContinue reading

When accusations of rape are at issue in child custody proceedings, P.1

Child custody disputes are, as readers know, among the most contentious disputes dealt with in family courts. It makes sense that it would be so: children are very dear to their parents, and so they can easily be seen as possessions and be used as a way to get back at a partner. Custody disputes between unmarried persons present their own unique challenges, including theContinue reading

5 Surprising Facts About Alabama DUI Charges

Alabama drunk driving laws are surprisingly complex. People accused of driving under the influence (DUI) are often caught off guard by the charges and accompanying repercussions. Here are 5 surprising facts about DUI charges in Alabama: 1. The Legal Limit Is Not .08 For Everyone Drivers of semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles can be charged with DUI if they are pulled over with a bloodContinue reading