Larceny charges in Alabama require criminal defense

When crimes spill over from one state to another, law enforcement agencies may work together to investigate. Those who are accused of committing a crime in Alabama may be arrested in Mississippi and held until they are extradited back to Alabama. When this happens, having an experienced criminal defense attorney is recommended.

Recently, police in Alabama and Mississippi worked together to investigate a ring of thefts involving four-wheelers, off-road vehicles, trucks and other vehicles taken from various counties in both states. The thefts took place over the course of a month, and the stolen vehicles were apparently sold or traded for drugs. Police have recovered some of the stolen items, but some items are still missing.

The case started after police began receiving tips. As the investigation spread, police made more arrests and learned of more alleged larcenies. Eight people in all were arrested in Mississippi and charged with various crimes relating to the apparent ring of thefts. Two people who may be related to the crimes were reported to be escaped from prison in Mississippi. Three of those arrested will be extradited to Alabama where they will face grand larceny and other charges.

Anyone convicted of grand larceny may end up spending a long time in prison. The prospect of going to jail may be overwhelming and frightening. Someone dealing with larceny charges in Alabama will need an attorney who has a proven track record in the courtroom. When faced with serious felony charges, a solid criminal defense is important for the protection of one’s rights.

Source:, “Eight arrested in connection to string of vehicle thefts“, Adam Armour, May 27, 2016