When a traffic stop leads to criminal defense considerations

All Alabama motorists are obviously obligated to adhere to traffic regulations each time they get behind the wheel. If a police officer makes a traffic stop for a particular reason, the rest of a driver’s day (or life) may unfold entirely different from what was planned. Such was the recently case for three travelers who were riding together in a vehicle and wound up considering their criminal defense options before all was said and done.

It was a Thursday evening when police attempted to pull a car over in Elberta. Authorities say there were three occupants in the car at the time. The initial reason for the traffic stop was not published; however, all three people are now facing drug charges in court.

Not every traffic stop leads to a vehicle search as this one did. In such situations, a person could submit a challenge against evidence if he or she believed such a search somehow violated his or her personal rights. In this particular case, when police rummaged through the vehicle, they claim to have found approximately 6 grams of heroin.

Alabama authorities also say there was Xanax, a gun, more than $1,000 in cash and various items of drug paraphernalia within the vehicle. To make matters worse, it appears all three people in the car had outstanding warrants for their arrests. The three were taken into custody and will now have the opportunity to present as strong a criminal defense argument as possible when they each have their day in court. The hope of a positive outcome may be increased if a person secures experienced defense assistance before heading to court.

Source: local15tv.com, “Traffic stop leads to drug bust“, Jessica Townsend, Accessed on Sept. 4, 2017