Criminal defense: Glad it’s available but hope you never need it?

One would be hard pressed to find someone in Alabama who looks forward to legal trouble. In fact, it’s likely safe to assume that needing a criminal defense would rank quite low on an average list of thoughts that typically crosses people’s minds every day. However, somewhere in the state each day, someone unexpectedly face circumstances where legal assistance is needed and many are often glad to have known ahead of time where to turn for help.

Perhaps you were driving home after an evening out with friends and a police officer pulled you over in a traffic stop. The next thing you know, the officer asked you to step out of your vehicle, and before the night’s end, you found yourself in jail, charged with drunk driving. In addition to a spouse or other family member, an experienced defense attorney may be the person you want to speak to most.

Any number of other situations may also prompt you to seek guidance regarding the criminal justice process. Depending on whether the charges you’re facing involve felonies or misdemeanors, potential consequences may be quite serious, and your stress level in the meantime may soar. Knowing there’s a personal advocate by your side can be a major source of comfort at such times.

An Alabama criminal defense attorney can provide many services in the hope of helping you mitigate problem circumstances. The Bloomston Firm is fully prepared to protect your rights and defend your freedom in all phases of the criminal justice process, including arraignments, pretrial hearings and trials. We can access all available resources, such as assistance from forensic specialists, financial analysts or private investigators to help build a strong defense and increase your chances of avoiding conviction.