Understanding the circumstances that may lead to a DUI arrest

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by the process. With the potential gravity of a conviction looming overhead, you could be wondering about your available options for defense.

The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe, and can have a substantial impact on your life. You may wish to protect yourself against undesirable consequences by challenging the charges, and understanding the events that may have led to your arrest could prove beneficial.

Circumstances that could lead to a DUI arrest

There are numerous circumstances in which authorities might accuse an individual of drunk driving, and understanding which ones may apply to your situation could help you in forming your defense strategy. Some examples of situations where a drunk driving arrest may occur could include the following:

  • Probable cause:  If an officer has probable cause to believe intoxication is present, he or she might place you under arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. An example of probable cause could include empty alcohol containers found within a vehicle during a traffic stop.
  • Presence of a crime:  An officer may make an arrest if he or she witnesses a crime in progress. For instance, if an officer pulls someone over for exhibiting erratic driving behavior and a breath test indicates the driver’s blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit, the officer may take the driver into custody.
  • Traffic stop:  A routine traffic stop can take place for a variety of reasons, ranging from a speeding violation to a faulty headlight. However, if this traffic stop leads to reasonable suspicion of intoxication, it may also lead to an arrest.
  • Outstanding warrant:  If an individual is the subject of a valid warrant for arrest, no further suspicion of wrong-doing is required.

While understanding the circumstances that led to your arrest is a crucial step in the process, with little to no knowledge of such intricate matters, seeking guidance from someone with an intricate understanding of Alabama state DUI laws could be in your best interests.

Assistance in pursuing a favorable outcome

Chances are that you probably consider your future to be of the utmost importance, and you likely wish to protect yourself from suffering potentially devastating consequences that accompany a conviction for drunk driving. However, this can be a challenging goal to pursue alone, and seeking advice in the initial stages could be a solid move. By obtaining guidance on making informed decisions throughout the process, you could become better prepared to pursue the best outcome possible during court proceedings.