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Five Common Divorce Mistakes in Alabama

Divorce can be an overwhelming experience even before you take the legal process itself into account. Unfortunately, the reality is that whether you are ready for it or not, your divorce will proceed as planned. The best option at your disposal is to reach out to an experienced attorney who understands how divorce works in Alabama. They can help you avoid these five common divorceContinue reading

Common Law Marriage

Common-law marriage is no longer recognized in Alabama. This went into effect on January 1st, 2017, which means that individuals who consider themselves to be married must follow through with an official ceremony or obtain the proper certificate to ensure their marriage will be recognized. One of the main issues with common-law marriages was that the parties involved often lived their lives together and co-mingledContinue reading

Divorce Spikes After the Holidays

Did you know that the number of divorces tends to spike after the holidays? It’s true! A variety of research has concluded that the holiday season seems to serve as a catalyst of some sort for divorce requests.  In fact, in 2016 a study conducted by the University of Washington found that the above-average divorce filings in March has their origins in the holiday season.Continue reading

Reasons for divorce

To some Alabama residents, it may seem like more couples are choosing to separate every day. There are many couples across the country who have been together for several years and are now getting a divorce. While some people may find this to be unusual, there are some individuals who believe that many divorces are caused by a few underlying problems. Infidelity is one major reasonContinue reading

Consider Social Security benefits when going through a divorce

Most Alabama residents and others around the nation hope that Social Security benefits will be part of their retirement income in the future. However, if a person is going through a divorce, his or her potential benefits may be affected. While an individual’s benefits typically do not change, there may be additional benefits due because of an ex-spouse’s work history. Whether or not a divorcedContinue reading

Avoid financial mistakes in a divorce

Wedded couples make financial decisions together throughout the course of their marriages. However, when a marriage in Alabama or anywhere else in the country ends, there are still many financial decisions that have to be made. Financial planners strongly believe that couples need to fully comprehend how the decisions they make during divorce proceedings will affect them in the future. They warn against making severalContinue reading

Divorce is seldom easy, but these things make it worse

Somewhere in Alabama, there’s a married couple contemplating a marital breakdown. In fact, there are likely far more than one set of spouses actually considering filing for divorce. Most will face several types of challenges if they go through with their plans, especially if there are children involved. Children often get dragged into one or the other parent’s emotional roller coaster during the divorce process.Continue reading

Turning to a trusted friend may be helpful in divorce

Going through a divorce is no easier for Alabama residents than it is for anyone else throughout the nation. In fact, sometimes, such situations get downright nasty, especially if spouses disagree about important matters, such as child custody, marital property or spousal support. Some say that turning to close friends for support can be very helpful. A  good friend is typically willing to listen ifContinue reading

What can be done when divorce seems so unfair?

Just as no two wedding days in Alabama are exactly alike, the same goes for the process of getting a divorce. It’s an intensely personal issue, which always has consequences, some more negative than others. One common thread in many divorce proceedings is a sense that the situation seems so unfair. These feelings may stem from emotional issues or more tangible matters, such as childContinue reading

Woman starts company to help others navigate divorce

Marriage isn’t always easy; in fact, some problems seem insurmountable, prompting spouses to sever their ties. Some say fewer people in Alabama and throughout the nation are filing for divorce these days. Nevertheless, many people who do choose this route as the most viable option often find themselves facing several challenges as they adapt to new lifestyles. One woman who has been divorced more than onceContinue reading