Recourse for those who lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents

Few things could be worse than learning that a loved one has suffered a sudden, untimely death in a car crash. Many Alabama families have experienced such grief. Those who discover that the motor vehicle accidents that killed their family members were caused by the negligence of other parties may seek full recovery for their losses by filing and litigating wrongful death claims in civilContinue reading

Divorce is seldom easy: Avoid these mistakes

Not every marriage in Alabama will last a lifetime. Going through divorce means various challenges may arise that bear significant impact on one’s ability to move forward toward a successful and happy future. When children are involved, problems may not be so easily resolved. Parents typically want what is best for their children, but when a communication breakdown has occurred between former spouses, each mayContinue reading

Not all motor vehicle accidents involve more than one car

Alabama roadways are often busy thoroughfares where all types of vehicles share the lanes as modes of travel. Vehicles often collide with one another, many times resulting in serious injuries or death. However, not all motor vehicle accidents involve more than one car, as was evident on a recent Sunday in Talladega County. State troopers were at the scene following the tragic crash. It appearsContinue reading

Many motor vehicle accidents involve seat restraint issues

Alabama roadways are comprised of many types of vehicles and drivers who may not always act with appropriate caution. Motor vehicle accidents often occur due to various factors that may include distracted driving, poor road conditions or recklessness behind the wheel. When one or more vehicle occupants is not wearing proper seat restraint, the results of such collisions are often fatal. A tragedy occurred onContinue reading

Fight a minor-in-possession charge with these 3 tips

In Alabama, a person must be 21 to be in possession of alcohol. Even though the age of majority is noted as 19 by law, it simply doesn’t apply to minors when alcohol’s concerned. If your child is accused of being in possession of alcohol, you’ll need to decide on a strong defense to prevent him or her from being convicted. Here are three defenseContinue reading