Many motor vehicle accidents involve seat restraint issues

Alabama roadways are comprised of many types of vehicles and drivers who may not always act with appropriate caution. Motor vehicle accidents often occur due to various factors that may include distracted driving, poor road conditions or recklessness behind the wheel. When one or more vehicle occupants is not wearing proper seat restraint, the results of such collisions are often fatal.

A tragedy occurred on a recent Saturday, just after 5 p.m. that took the lives of two people. A state trooper who responded to the scene said it appears the driver of a Ford Explorer collided with another vehicle on the road. Authorities also believe that driving impairment due to alcohol may have been a causal factor in the crash.

The 43-year-old driving the Explorer was not wearing a seat belt at the time. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A female passenger in the other car, age 73, also died in the tragic accident. Reportedly, she too was traveling without seat restraint when the crash occurred.

Those who are injured or suffer the untimely deaths of loved ones in Alabama motor vehicle accidents are often able to obtain monetary recovery of their losses in court. A surviving victim may pursue justice by filing a claim against a negligent driver. When a victim has succumbed to injury, an immediate family member may take action on behalf of the decedent. A personal injury lawyer can advise a plaintiff as to how best to proceed, especially if the victim may have been partially culpable in the incident.

Source:, “Three-car crash kills two people near Sylacauga on Saturday evening“, Ivana Hrynkiw, Oct. 31, 2016