Several motorvehicle accidents occurred simultaneously in Alabama

A particular roadway in Alabama was the scene of a terrible multi-vehicle collision on a recent Friday evening. The string of motor vehicle accidents occurred within moments of each other, apparently stemming from an initial collision. Passing motorists were looking at the collision, leading to several additional back-to-back accidents at the site. Sadly, there was one fatality and several others injured in the incidents.

Three separate vehicles were involved in the first crash. Officials say that other motorists in the area were watching the events of the accident unfold, causing four more collisions within moments of the first collision. One of the people involved in the initial crash died, but no personal identification information was provided to the public.

Several other people were transported to area  hospitals after they suffered injuries in the accidents that followed the first incident. Two of those injured were adults while a third victim was a juvenile. Such situations are often complicated, leaving many questions unanswered until further investigation is conducted.

It’s not uncommon for more than one person to be deemed liable when several simultaneous motor vehicle accidents occur on an Alabama highway. In fact, such circumstances often lead to legal proceedings when injured victims or a parent or legal guardian of a minor victim files personal injury claims against those believed to have been responsible for a collision. To discuss a particular incident and how best to proceed to seek compensation for damages, an eligible party may request a meeting with an experienced injury attorney in the area.

Source:, “1 dead, 3 injured in multi-vehicle wreck on I-565 near Mooresville“, Jonece Starr Dunigan, Sept. 15, 2017