Motor vehicle accident results in two deaths and three injuries

Car accidents occur daily across the nation. Some are caused by drivers whose judgment is impaired in some way, and others may be caused by freak accidents. However, there are many others that are caused by a driver’s failure to follow simple traffic laws. Failing to follow these laws can cause result in deadly motor vehicle accidents. This was the case in Alabama on Oct. 29.

Authorities were told by witnesses that a collision occurred involving two cars at the intersection of two highways. A car traveling north on U.S. Hwy. 331 allegedly ran a red light and crashed into another car traveling on Alabama Hwy. 299. The first car contained the driver and two passengers, and the second car contained the driver and one passenger.

Two of the passengers were pronounced dead at the scene. One was the passenger sitting in the back seat of the vehicle considered at fault, and the other was the passenger of the second vehicle. The Opp Police Department revealed that the driver and passenger of the first vehicle were taken to Mizell Memorial Hospital, and the second driver was airlifted to Southeast Medical Center. Authorities are still investigating the crash.

Traffic laws are put in place to help prevent as many motor vehicle accidents as possible. When they are ignored, the results can be disastrous. Speaking with an attorney may benefit Alabama residents who have been victims of an accident. An attorney can help his or her clients to receive the compensation that they deserve.

Source:, “Weekend vehicle accident in Opp kills two, sends three to hospital“, Michelle Watson, Oct. 30, 2017