Causes of Alabama motor vehicle accidents not always apparent

No one wants to receive a phone call telling of a loved one’s sudden and unexpected death. The sad fact is, many Alabama residents will answer phone calls like this due to serious motor vehicle accidents involving their family members. Life as they knew it will never be the same as they navigate the devastating aftermaths of the collisions. A recent tragedy occurred on aContinue reading

Issues often indicative of divorce

Many people in Alabama can think back on their childhoods to make-believe situations where they pretended to be able to predict the future. Once adulthood arrives, however, most people realize that such games truly are for children; in real life, there’s no way to know what will happen tomorrow, next week or years from now. Sometimes, though, there are certain issues, experiences or behaviors thatContinue reading

Options for those injured in motor vehicle accidents

One can only imagine how many times a day, somewhere in the nation, two cars crash into each other on the highway. It’s a fact that it happens all too often in Alabama. Sometimes, those involved escape unscathed. In many motor vehicle accidents, however, drivers and passengers in two (or more) vehicles are injured. Crashes involving children are especially tragic. An incident occurred close toContinue reading

Worried about child custody decisions in divorce?

Many cases in Alabama courts pertain to children. One particular area of family law where this is prevalent is divorce. It’s very common for parents who no longer wish to remain married to face challenging issues regarding child custody, visitation and financial support. Decisions regarding where children will live, who will pay for their education, medical bills, and other expenses such as where the kids willContinue reading