Issues often indicative of divorce

Many people in Alabama can think back on their childhoods to make-believe situations where they pretended to be able to predict the future. Once adulthood arrives, however, most people realize that such games truly are for children; in real life, there’s no way to know what will happen tomorrow, next week or years from now. Sometimes, though, there are certain issues, experiences or behaviors that serve as signs that trouble lies ahead — at least where marriage and divorce is concerned.

Although some say the divorce rate in this nation is declining, there are undoubtedly many marriages headed in that direction. Some couples are able to identify key factors in their communication breakdowns or other relationship struggles. They may be able to work out solutions and keep their marriages intact.

Others will either not be successful in their attempts to do the same, or will simply choose to sever ties rather than stick it out. It’s a highly personal choice that every person is free to make on his or her own. Certain issues, such as infidelity, long work commutes, social media addictions and other matters appear to be key factors in many divorces.

Regardless of events leading up to divorce, it’s often difficult to navigate the system alone. Those who rely on experienced legal representation in the courtroom often fare better with regard to the type of settlement secured. An Alabama resident in need of divorce guidance can request consultation with a family law attorney who can clarify state laws and provide various valuable resources to help in the transition to a new lifestyle.

Source:, “8 Predictors Of Divorce That Will Destroy A Relationship“, Helena Negru, April 19, 2017