Divorce is seldom easy: Avoid these mistakes

Not every marriage in Alabama will last a lifetime. Going through divorce means various challenges may arise that bear significant impact on one’s ability to move forward toward a successful and happy future. When children are involved, problems may not be so easily resolved.

Parents typically want what is best for their children, but when a communication breakdown has occurred between former spouses, each may interpret that differently. If one parent refuses to cooperate and compromise, child-related issues can evolve into contentious debates that, if unresolved, can make the lives of all involved miserable. Averting long, drawn-out courtroom battles is often made possible by relying on assistance from an experienced attorney.

At The Bloomston Firm, we are prepared to remain by your side throughout any proceedings related to divorce issues. We understand that protecting your children’s best interests is of paramount importance to you and are ready to help you develop a plan that meets your immediate and long-term family goals. Many times, contested issues can be resolved through skilled negotiation. Other situations require aggressive litigation in order to obtain favorable results.

Developing a solid future parenting plan after divorce is an intensely personal process that is able to be customized according to particular circumstances and needs. Helping you and your children adjust to a new lifestyle is one of our highest priorities. Anyone with questions or concerns regarding custody, visitation or other divorce issues can contact our Alabama office to request a consultation; in doing so, you will take the first steps toward creating a plan that best aligns with your current needs and dreams for the years ahead.