What can be done when divorce seems so unfair?

Just as no two wedding days in Alabama are exactly alike, the same goes for the process of getting a divorce. It’s an intensely personal issue, which always has consequences, some more negative than others. One common thread in many divorce proceedings is a sense that the situation seems so unfair. These feelings may stem from emotional issues or more tangible matters, such as child custody arrangements or financial agreements.

The reasons for such feelings vary. For some, it’s because they see a former spouse moving on in life, perhaps even remarrying and including their children in the ceremonies (which can be extremely emotional for the other parent). Others grow frustrated about money, especially if it appears that the ex is doing better financially.

Then there are those who have ongoing child custody issues, or other legal matters. These can create significant obstacles that not only cause stress and feelings of anger and frustration, but can impede the ability to move forward. In such circumstances, there are often ways to overcome the problems at hand.

To start, some suggest making a written list of everything that seems unfair. It also helps to add self-made suggestions for how to make changes to resolve those issues. Where legal matters are concerned, it’s often best not to go it alone, especially if the situation is likely to lead to litigation. In such cases, one can act alongside experienced representation from an Alabama family law attorney who can protect a client’s rights and seek a fair and agreeable outcome in court.

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