Alabama criminal defense: 1 man, 3 women arrested on drug charges

Alabama police officers recently arrested four people after drugs were allegedly found at a motel room in Decatur. They now face various charges related to the incident. However, one man involved potentially made his criminal defense case more difficult by reportedly fleeing from the police when approached.

According to reports from the Decatur Police Department, a 51-year-old man had been investigated by the Vice and Narcotics Unit and found to have sold crystal methamphetamine. A search warrant had been obtained for his motel room by agents from the unit. Upon a search of the motel room, officers found a 39-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman there. Police supposedly found meth, Klonopin pills with no prescription and hypodermic needles in the older woman’s possession. While the search was underway, a 44-year-old woman came to the motel room with more Klonopin pills and an open container of alcohol.

Police spotted the man for whom the search warrant had been issued nearby. According to officers, he tried to flee when they approached him. He was taken into custody after police allegedly discovered that he had meth, hypodermic needles and digital scales.

The man was charged with possession of a controlled substance for meth, resisting arrest and possession of paraphernalia with the intent to use. The women face various charges, including illegal possession of prescription medication, possession of controlled substance for meth and an open container violation. One woman was charged with loitering in a drug house.

Being charged with drug crimes can significantly impact someone’s life. An Alabama criminal defense attorney can help clients understand the charges they are facing and how best to challenge them. A knowledgeable lawyer will work toward minimizing the negative effect on someone’s life.

Source:, “4 arrested after drug bust at Decatur hotel room“, Jonece Starr Dunigan, Oct. 4, 2017