Wife of mayor chooses not guilty criminal defense option

News regarding local political figures and their families tends to circulate quickly, especially if a particular incident has something to do with legal trouble. The wife of an Alabama mayor understands what it’s like to have your photograph and name published, including details of your personal circumstances. The 51-year-old woman was arrested in January and charged with drunk and reckless driving. In a recent criminal defense move, she entered a not guilty plea in court.

Authorities claim the woman was driving at speeds far above the limits posted in the area. She was arrested near the Memorial Parkway interchange along I-565. Police wound up releasing her from custody on bond but only after she had spent approximately 12 hours in jail.

The mayor’s son is apparently scheduled to graduate in the near future. His mother has asked the District Court judge for special permission to leave the court’s jurisdiction to attend his graduation. Her attorney informed the court that the District Attorney was not opposed to the idea. Details regarding the judge’s decision on the issue had not yet been provided at the time of this writing.

Such situations often linger for months in the criminal defense system before being fully adjudicated. In the meantime, daily life goes on, and having an unresolved DUI incident can really complicate things, such as work, traveling and personal affairs. An experienced Alabama attorney is often able to expedite the criminal justice process, and not only help a particular client avoid conviction but mitigate the long-term negative consequences of the situation as well.

Source: al.com, “Madison mayor’s wife pleads not guilty to DUI, reckless driving“, Paul Gattis, June 9, 2017