Who pays for motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence?

If another vehicle smashes into yours while you’re traveling through Alabama, who is responsible for damages? The answer depends on several factors, including whether evidence exists to prove another party’s negligence caused the accident to occur. If so, then you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court to seek compensation for any physical, economic or emotional damage you have suffered in relation to the incident. Motor vehicle accidents happen every day; those who are able to obtain maximum recovery for their losses are often those who act alongside experienced representation in court.

Negligent driving comes in many forms. Nowadays, a great number of collisions are caused by motorists using hand-held electronic devices behind the wheel. Other crashes involve people failing to adhere to traffic regulations, such as driving above posted speed limits or failing to stop at red lights.

Those who survive their injuries (as well as family members of those who do not) have every right to pursue justice against any and all parties deemed responsible. By thoroughly investigating events leading up to and following an accident, an injured victim (or someone acting on behalf of another) can document all evidence that points toward another driver’s negligence. It’s then possible to seek a monetary judgment against that party in civil court.

The Bloomston Firm can aggressively litigate any situations connected to motor vehicle accidents in Alabama. If you’re a recovering accident victim, or a close family member of a deceased victim, you may request a meeting with our experienced legal team to begin the process of filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim in court. We are committed to helping you obtain as full a recovery as possible.