Divorce may be on horizon for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Some months ago, fans in Alabama and across the nation expressed their support for Hollywood star, Kim Kardashian, after learning she was robbed in her hotel room. Kardashian was rescued (although she suffered the loss of some expensive jewels) but reportedly told sources close to her that her husband, Kanye West, did not offer the support she needed as she recovered from her traumatic experience. As it often has for others in the past, some say this has caused a rift between the spouses that may result in a divorce.

Communication breakdown or feeling that a spouse is not emotionally supportive are factors commonly cited as reasons for divorce. What often happens is that a spouse begins to feel lonely, leading to resentment when repeated incidents occur where personal needs are not met. Especially if spouses have trouble talking through their issues in an amicable fashion, this is often a recipe for disaster.

In Kardashian’s case, sources close to her say she suffered an emotional breakdown after the hotel incident. She and her husband began to live in separate residences. At one point, it was said that West’s mental stability was called into question, and Kardashian and the children were being protected by living apart from him.

Having one’s marital issues publicized no doubt adds stress to an already difficult situation. However, many people living far outside the limelight, whether in Alabama or another state, also face complications and challenges when determining if, how and when they will file for divorce. In most situations, it is advantageous to seek legal counsel before taking any formal action.

Source: thehollywoodgossip.com, “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West “Ready to Divorce,” Sources Say“, Tyler Johnson, Dec. 28, 2016