Drunk driver suspected in five motor vehicle accidents

Many families in Alabama and throughout the United States have suffered devastating losses in car crashes caused by drunk drivers. People who drive with blood alcohol content levels exceeding legal limits are often menaces to themselves and all others on the road. Five motor vehicle accidents occurred back-to-back recently, all suspected to have been caused by the same woman.

It was just after 5:30 p.m. on a recent Tuesday when police were dispatched to the five-car crash site. It appears all the cars involved in the chain reaction collisions were traveling in a westbound direction at the time. The woman, age 40, is said to have smashed into the rear of another car driven by a 70-year-old man.

That man’s car crashed into another and so on, ultimately leaving all five vehicles in a strewn heap of debris on the highway. The elderly man suffered serious injuries and was taken to several different hospitals for care. Sadly, he died some time later.

Authorities say they have reason to believe the woman was drunk when she rear-ended the first vehicle. She reportedly turned herself in and is now facing charges for manslaughter. When officials looked into her past record history, they learned she had been charged with third degree assault and DUI in 2016.

When motor vehicle accidents result in injuries or death and are deemed to have been caused by drunk drivers, recovering victims, or immediate family members of deceased victims, may pursue justice by filing personal injury claims in civil court. Evidence of criminal charges is often used to help substantiate personal injury claims. An Alabama attorney who handles accident-related cases can guide anyone considering filing such a claim through the process.

Source: al.com, “Woman charged with manslaughter in five car accident“, Prescotte Stokes, Jan. 11, 2017