Motor vehicle accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries

Most Alabama parents understand how dangerous driving can be. Even so, none are ever quite prepared to receive phone calls informing them their children have been injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. A mother in another state recently shared her personal journey as she helps her teenage son recover from a traumatic brain injury.

The boy was traveling in a vehicle with his sister when a three-car collision occurred. He was in a passenger seat at the time, and his side of the car bore the most impact in the crash. Both he and his sibling were transported to a hospital for treatment after the accident.

His mother said it was devastating to learn that what she and all medical professionals helping her son believed was a mere bump on the head turned out to be something far more serious. Dangerous internal swelling inside his skull prompted doctors to insert a valve to release pressure on the child’s brain. He remained unconscious in intensive care for a week.

Even after being transferred to a non-intensive care recovery unit, the boy lied in an unresponsive state for quite some time. He has since begun a long road to recovery, and parts of his brain must work very hard to compensate to perform functions normally conducted by other areas of his brain that are now damaged. In some situations, Alabama parents have filed personal injury claims following motor vehicle accidents that  injured their children when there was evidence that other motorists were responsible for the injuries.

Source:, “After a car crash, an Alabama teen faces a long road to recovery“, Amy Yurkanin, March 4, 2017