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Motor vehicle accidents often occur in wee hours of the morning

Many teenagers remain out, driving around on Alabama roadways long after the stroke of midnight. These wee morning hours are prime times for motor vehicle accidents. Often, though not always, such collisions are alcohol-related. One incident (that remains under investigation) occurred on a recent Monday at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Hale County 51. An 18-year-old was said to be behind the wheel of a carContinue reading

Aftermath stress common in Alabama motor vehicle accidents

If you recently survived a collision on one of Alabama’s busy roadways, you’ve probably relived the incident 1,000 times in your mind. In fact, many victims of serious motor vehicle accidents suffer post traumatic stress symptoms that necessitate special counseling in order to recover. Add to that medical bills that are piling up and various complications that may have arisen by having to take timeContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries

Most Alabama parents understand how dangerous driving can be. Even so, none are ever quite prepared to receive phone calls informing them their children have been injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. A mother in another state recently shared her personal journey as she helps her teenage son recover from a traumatic brain injury. The boy was traveling in a vehicle with his sister whenContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents often clouded by unknowns

A high school sports community is grieving a terrible loss after a recent fatal accident in Alabama. The collision involved two tractor-trailers and a sports utility vehicle. There were extenuating circumstances in the collision, as is often the case in serious motor vehicle accidents, that prevented first responders from obtaining a clear vision of the accident scene. When rescuers arrived on-site, they were not immediatelyContinue reading

Drunk driver suspected in five motor vehicle accidents

Many families in Alabama and throughout the United States have suffered devastating losses in car crashes caused by drunk drivers. People who drive with blood alcohol content levels exceeding legal limits are often menaces to themselves and all others on the road. Five motor vehicle accidents occurred back-to-back recently, all suspected to have been caused by the same woman. It was just after 5:30 p.m. onContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents on the rise in Alabama

A 17-day traffic safety program was launched by Alabama law enforcement to promote safe driving during the holidays. This did not prevent all motor vehicle accidents, however. In fact, there were 31 accident-related deaths in the state between Dec. 16 and New Year’s Day at midnight. These statistics only cover accidents handled by state troopers and do not include those investigated by other agencies. OfficialsContinue reading

Multiple motor vehicle accidents result in tragedies in Alabama

Alabama roadways were scenes of tragedy more than once during the holiday season this year. Multiple motor vehicle accidents occurred resulting in injury and more than one fatality. Only those who have suffered similar sorrow can imagine the grief associated with losing a loved one in a fatal car accident at Christmas time. One of the collisions occurred just after 7 p.m. on a recentContinue reading

Dangerous intersection scene of many motor vehicle accidents

A woman who made her living taking care of others recently suffered an untimely death that has left her family shocked and grief-stricken. Traffic officials say there have been at least 22 motor vehicle accidents in recent years at the same Alabama intersection where the woman was killed in a crash. In this particular incident, it appears another motorist’s negligence may have been the causeContinue reading

Recourse for those who lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents

Few things could be worse than learning that a loved one has suffered a sudden, untimely death in a car crash. Many Alabama families have experienced such grief. Those who discover that the motor vehicle accidents that killed their family members were caused by the negligence of other parties may seek full recovery for their losses by filing and litigating wrongful death claims in civilContinue reading

Not all motor vehicle accidents involve more than one car

Alabama roadways are often busy thoroughfares where all types of vehicles share the lanes as modes of travel. Vehicles often collide with one another, many times resulting in serious injuries or death. However, not all motor vehicle accidents involve more than one car, as was evident on a recent Sunday in Talladega County. State troopers were at the scene following the tragic crash. It appearsContinue reading