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Many motor vehicle accidents involve seat restraint issues

Alabama roadways are comprised of many types of vehicles and drivers who may not always act with appropriate caution. Motor vehicle accidents often occur due to various factors that may include distracted driving, poor road conditions or recklessness behind the wheel. When one or more vehicle occupants is not wearing proper seat restraint, the results of such collisions are often fatal. A tragedy occurred onContinue reading

Many motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy drivers

Few Alabama residents can honestly say that they have never driven when they knew they were too tired to be behind the wheel. Sadly, drowsy drivers here and elsewhere cause many motor vehicle accidents. If they had heeded the warning signs of fatigue, they might not have tried to drive without being more awake. The Sleep in America poll conducted by the National Sleep FoundationContinue reading

What damages can be sought in motor vehicle accidents?

After suffering serious injuries at the hands of another person, many Alabama residents know that they might be able to seek restitution through the filing of a personal injury claim. For instance, many such claims arise in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents. However, they might not know what damages they are entitled to after successfully establishing the negligence of the other party or parties. TheContinue reading

Reducing motor vehicle accidents involving impaired drivers

In recent decades, the issue of drunk driving has received a lot of attention. Laws in all states, including Alabama, make it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. Regardless, people still get behind the wheel when they are impaired, which exponentially increases the risk for motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, numerous strategies in addition to the passage ofContinue reading

Distracted driving causes many motor vehicle accidents

Since the first motorized vehicles hit the streets of the country, distractions have been a problem for drivers. However, due to the sheer number of cars and drivers in Alabama and the rest of the country, the potential for motor vehicle accidents has increased exponentially, and large numbers of drivers easily become distracted. In a society in which texting has become its own language, distractedContinue reading

Motor vehicle accidents make lasting impact on responders

First responders in Alabama see many terrible sights. Their job requires them to respond to accidents of many kinds, and they may never know what to expect as they come upon the scene of a crash. However, some motor vehicle accidents are so tragic, even trained personnel may need a long time to recover. A recent collision not only affected the loved ones of theContinue reading

Alabama motor vehicle accidents: Driver sandwiched, hurts back

A rear-end collision can make a driver feel helpless. The driver sitting in traffic may see another car coming up from behind and know there is no way to avoid the collision. When an Alabama driver is rear-ended and then pushed into another car, there is always the chance that he or she will suffer some injuries. Motor vehicle accidents that result in injury mayContinue reading

Hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents cause serious injuries

Some stretches of road in Alabama become notorious when they have dangerous curves, poor lighting or other factors that make them difficult to navigate. When motor vehicle accidents occur on these roads, people may become angry and look for people to blame. Things become even more complicated when a person who is thought responsible for an accident does not stop at the scene. The sun was justContinue reading