Motor vehicle accidents make lasting impact on responders

First responders in Alabama see many terrible sights. Their job requires them to respond to accidents of many kinds, and they may never know what to expect as they come upon the scene of a crash. However, some motor vehicle accidents are so tragic, even trained personnel may need a long time to recover. A recent collision not only affected the loved ones of the victims but witnesses and rescuers as well.

The driver of a tractor-trailer swerved out of his lane, apparently to avoid hitting a dog. The truck collided head-on with a car carrying five people. Witnesses and passing drivers rushed to the car, frantically climbing over the vehicle to get to the three adults and two children trapped inside. However, the occupants of the car could not be saved.

Witnesses say onlookers cried hysterically when they realized there were children in the wreckage. Police on the scene admit they will never get the horrific images from their minds. One officer desperately reminded drivers to buckle up and pay attention when behind the wheel.

As deeply as the public was affected by this tragedy, the family who lost these loved ones, including two children, may be reeling. They may have questions that even a police investigation cannot answer. Additionally, they face the overwhelming cost of multiple funerals.

While financial compensation will not fill the void left by those lost in this tragedy, it may bring some practical help and maybe a little peace of mind. This family and others in Alabama who lose loved ones in motor vehicle accidents may decide to consult an attorney for advice. An experienced personal injury lawyer will investigate the accident and work to win a fair settlement.

Source:, “Family of five killed on Highway 80“, July 19, 2016