Criminal defense may be needed for alleged shooter in Alabama

When people Alabama are charged with crimes, they may have many questions and concerns about their futures. Crimes that involve guns may carry even more serious penalties for those who are convicted, and typically involve complex criminal defense. This may be the case for a man police say was involved in a recent shooting incident.

The details of the event caused some confusion with law enforcement when one of the victims apparently gave police false information about where the shooting took place. At around 8 p.m. one night, a man allegedly called police from a local medical center and said he had been shot while visiting a nearby apartment complex. A short time later, police say they received a report of a second shooting at another location. At the second location, police say the male and female victims reported being shot by an unknown man.

As the investigation proceeded, officers say they learned that the man who reported the first shooting was allegedly the gunman in the other incident reported. Police believe the man was wounded at the second location and was never at the apartment complex as he claimed. The two people he is accused of shooting were taken to the hospital, one with a critical head wound and the other with a minor wound to the backside.

The Alabama man is now facing charges that include first and second degree assault and weapons violations. Along with a number of other rights, the accused man is entitled to work alongside an experienced criminal defense attorney. That attorney will investigate the case and do everything possible to bring about the best possible outcome, making sure the man’s rights are fully protected throughout the process.

Source:, “Man arrested in bizarre triple shooting that victims reported from an Alabama hospital“, Prescotte Stokes III, July 15, 2016